July 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

MEETING DATE: July 1, 2013
MEETING TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lee’s House
– Jessica Whitney (JW)
– Lee McClure (LM)
– Yvonne Davis (YD)
– Jo Ann Murray (JM)
1. Flyers
a. Big thank you to Lee for starting them
b. Over 2300 residents in the UHills territory
c. Make 80 Letter size flyers to hang in local businesses (JM)
d. Make 2000 flyers – UNHA announcement front with Nextdoor back (JW)
i. Copies to be made by Copy Max before July 5, 2013
ii. Distribution of door to door flyer by (all attendees from above)
2. Picnic Schedule
a. Hours from 12:00 am– 4:00pm in Eisenhower
b. Volunteers to arrive at 11:15 am
c. Cleanup to begin at 4:00pm
3. Budget – Total budge to not exceed $500
a. Kids Activities – $150
b. Copies – $150
c. Watermelon – $100
d. Miscellaneous Items – $100
4. Picnic Activities
a. Children
i. Purchase items from Oriental Trading Company – (LM)
ii. Budget: $150
b. Watermelon
i. Yvonne Davis to talk to King Soopers to see if donation is possible
ii. 20 Watermelons to be chilled on ice
iii. Budget: $100
c. Entertainment – TBD for music
d. Possible rental of snow cone machine? Access to electrical TBD
5. Supplies for Picnic
a. Sign Up Forms to UNHA – JM
b. Display Sign board ???
c. Music (ipod with speakers)
d. Trash bags w/ boxes – LM
e. Knives & Cutting boards- LM
f. Scotch tape & Pens – JM
g. Camera
h. Adult games????
i. First Aid Kit – LM
j. Table clothes – LM
k. 3 coolers – LM
l. Ice
m. Receipt for membership payees
n. Cash box
6. Contact Information & Methods
a. Update UHNA website – http://www.uhna.org
b. New facebook account – representing UHills (LM)
c. New contact email for general information
i. UHNAinfo@gmail.com
ii. Password: UH1LLS80222
iii. Currently To be accessed and checked by Jessica Whitney
7. Membership
a. Annual Dues – $20.00 for the year (possible increase)
b. At picnic prorated rate of $10.00 for rest of 2013

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