July 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

MEETING DATE: July 8, 2013
MEETING TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Jessica’s House
MEETING TOPIC: UHNA Future Schedule & Membership
– Jessica Whitney (JW)
– Lynn Stambaugh (LS)
– Kathy Corbett (KC)
– Jo Ann Murray (JM)
1. UHNA Picnic
a. Membership Table (12-2 KC & 2-4 LS)
b. Went over flyers already printed – KC & LS to help by handing out near homes
c. Orders for children entertainment complete
d. Cost for remaining 2013 Membership $10
e. Membership $20/year for 2014
2. Business Items
a. Neighborhood Mission and Bylaws
i. Interest expressed in updating the Neighborhood Mission to align more closely with current goals
ii. Bylaws to be located to be possibly updated and make necessary changes if required
iii. Neighborhood management to use
b. Membership
i. Cost will be $20/year (January – December)
ii. New membership form to be created (JM)
c. Treasury
i. Bank account is at Bank of the West
1. Need to transfer treasurers
2. Need to determine what type of account we need
ii. Received latest treasury information from Lee (former Treasurer) and handed it over to Jo Ann Murray
1. Treasury information included 3 bank statements from January 2013 – March 2013
2. Voiced check used for UHNA Annual Picnic 2013
iii. Jessica (JW) to talk with Lee to make sure all the current records have been transferred
iv. Non-Profit Status is unknown
1. JW and JM to research how to get it
d. Website
i. Need to update Executive Board and Board Members
ii. Possibly update website design to reflect more of the latest community information
iii. Add a PayPal account for membership/donation
1. Research on what it would take
3. Tentative Schedule for rest of 2013 year
a. Board Meetings
i. 1 per month (2nd Monday of the month )
ii. Meeting from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
b. Neighborhood Meetings
i. 2 per year
ii. October 16, 2013 & April 17, 2014
iii. Meetings from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
c. Tentative Community Events
i. September 2013: Family Night at the Garlic Knot
ii. October 2013: Garage-o-weenie (Garage bbq on/or near Halloween)
iii. November/December 2013: Sleigh and Cookie Exchange
4. Social Events
a. Ideas 2013 – 2014
i. Potlucks
ii. Playdates
iii. Parade of University Hills homes
iv. Cookie Exchange
v. Community Outreach
vi. Group Outings (Hiking, Sporting Events)
vii. Movies in the Park
viii. Progressive Dinner
b. Areas of Interest
i. Block Captains?
ii. Area Captains

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