November 2013 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

UHNA General Meeting
November 7, 2013
6:00 pm – 6:10 pm Welcome and Introductions – Jessica asked neighbors to turn and talk and do an “Ice Breaker.” Meeting called to order @ 6:07. Jessica introduced herself and when she was elected. Shared that UHNA General Meetings will be in March and November.
6:10 pm – 6:20 pm State of the Association – Jessica went over the boundaries. I-25 to Colorado Blvd. and Hampden Ave. to Evans Ave. Current membership is @ 52 paid, and 54 associate members. Pretty small membership numbers based on the actual number of homes/residences in the boundary area. Since May we have recruited several new members. Since May there has been the picnic and a night @ Garlic Knot. The infrastructure has been put into place for UHNA. Memberships can be paid online or with a credit card. There is a new website and logo. Jessica shared that we have created a new Mission Statement, and read it to the attendees.
6:20 pm – 6:35 pm Bylaws – Discussion & Vote – Laurie Thompson shared that much of the bylaws were updated. Defined the types of membership, including business membership. We would like to have a positive relationship with the various businesses within our boundaries. Changed the calendar to ________. Increased the number of board members allowed to 9 from 7. Increased the minimum expenditure amount from $100 to $500. Also changed the notice timeline. JR ____ new member made a motion to approve the new By-laws. Lynn seconded the motion and it was passed.
6:35 pm – 6:45 pm End of 2013 through 2014 UHNA Budget – JoAnn was voted in at the last board meeting in July. There was about $1850 in the bank account. The membership data base was lost when a computer crashed. UHNA is now a non-profit. There was UHNA spent $210 for the picnic. The website domain will remain the same. There were some administrative expenses including a post-office box, and ________. JoAnn is hoping to have 100 resident memberships, 5 Corporate memberships, and fundraisers of $250, $2625. Most expenses are admin fees. Website hosting is $125 which has already been paid. Non-profit registration is due again in January. Insurance coverage is $ ______. Events planned are ________. We want to increase our bank account in order to avoid the monthly fees. Insurance is our biggest expense. 29% of the budget is proposed to go back
into events. Reserves will be about 7%. 60% of budget will go into events. We have shopped around for insurance and this is very reasonable. Jon Wachter stated he was impressed with JoAnn’s budget. Kathy moved to approve the budget, and Laura Rogers Greenstreet seconded the motion. The budget passed.
6:45 pm – 7:00 pm Board Member Affirmations and Elections – Kathy asked the attendees if they have any old pictures or history of UHNA to please get them to her. In May Kathy Corbett was also elected. Jessica asked for a motion to move JoAnn into the Treasury spot. David Mindock made the motion and motion was passed. Jessica made a motion, JonWachter made the motion to approve Lisa Zinn as secretary and motion was passed. Jessica welcomed Andy Farr and made a motion to elect as Vice President. Shared that Andy helped with membership drives. Kathy seconded the motion and it passed. Jessica shared that Laura has been very involved in planning social events. Mindy Robinson seconded the motion and it passed. Laura made a motion of ____________. Laurie Thompson Lynn _____made a motion to __________. Jessica stated that she would like to have a “communications” person/position and if there is anyone interested that would be an available position.
7:00 pm – 7:05 pm Membership – Andy Farr stated he’s been working a lot with Laurie. 2300+ homes and 400+ businesses in the UHNA boundaries. Andy will work on the website and work with businesses to put a Yellow Pages on the UHNA website. Andy will contact the businesses to help generate funds and membership as well as other resources for various events. Long term we would like to implement a discount card program. Andy stated that he is very impressed with Bradley. UHNA would like to also host some adult only (wine tasting, beekeeping, organic gardening, etc.) events as well. Andy asked for business owners to reach out to him as well. Jessica stated that our biggest challenge is to increase our membership and reach out to our neighbors to join.
7:05 pm – 7:10 pm Communications – Website, Newsletter – Kathy Corbett introduced herself and gave some history. Kathy will take care of writing a newsletter that will be emailed in a PDF format to members. She asked the attendees to email a story or information that they have to share about U-Hills. Shared a story that once there were 35 children living on the block on Amhearst between Dahlia and Brooke.(?) If anyone has anything to contribute, please let her know. Recipes, dog sitters, baby sitters, poetry, etc. We need content for the website, and hoping to get a FB page going as well. Looking for various people to help out with that.
7:10 pm – 7:15 pm Community Interest – Boundaries, Block Captains, Survey – Lee Doherty gave some background info about herself and her family. She is interested in gathering info of what the residents of UHNA want and need. Lee would like a Block Captain on each block. This could save on postage by getting the word out. Helps with communication. She’d also like to have a neighborhood Clean-Up day and having dumpsters available. 85% of the neighborhood or block would need to be interested in order to have a Neighborhood Watch program. Officer Scott Marsh from District 3 (Street Crimes Unit) shared that there is only 1 Community Resource Officer for this district. 3 Officers have been assigned to the district for reaching out to neighborhoods. Gave common sense suggestions, “Lock your doors and windows; Don’t leave laptops in the car; Close your garage door.” General conversation about speeding cars going through much of the neighborhood. Safety ideas around the houses, “Motion lights; trim bushes back; call a neighbor; etc.” Andy reiterated that being involved in UHNA is an asset and that knowing your neighbors will also help deter inappropriate behaviors. Lee reiterated that know when to call 311 vs DPD is important and something that will be able to be accessed on the UHNA website.
7:15 pm – 7:30 pm Social Events – Jessica introduced Janae Monte from Bradley. Janae gave a brief intro. She committed her husband as a Block Captain. She also shared about the Bradley Wine Tasting and Silent Auction at Wellshire Inn on Friday, November 15th. Many people and businesses in the area have donated items (Nuggets and Bronco tickets) and services for the auction. They are hoping to raise at least $5K for Bradley. She passed out fliers to attendees. Wine tasting from 6-8 then the Silent Auction. 100 people have already bought tickets, and they are hoping to sell 200 tickets. Please register online. Laura Rogers Greenstreet introduced herself and gave a brief bio. Her parents too live in the neighborhood. The first event is Muffins and Moms on Sat. 12/7 at the U-Hills Library. The next event will be Santa and Mrs. Claus on Sat. 12/14 from 9-11 AM @ the Wellshire Inn. Hoping to have a Donuts with Dads, and the BIG neighborhood picnic, as well as as old time Parade, and more. Building a sense of community and connecting people with similar interests. Laura is looking for other people to help on various social events as well. If anyone is interested, please contact her.
7:30 pm – 7:45 pm Open Forum – Patty from Warrens/University Homeowners Council. Been around since 1961. They are a sub-group to UHNA. One of the items that has been “referred” to WUH is a retail marijuana space. Patty asked how the attendees feel about the proposed retail space…
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made @ 7:38 and it passed.

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