May 2014 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

UHNA Bi-Annual Meeting @ Grace Lutheran Church – May 1, 2014
6:38 Welcome & Introductions by Jessica Whitney
Introduction of the Board
6:40 State of the Association
Jessica explained what membership in UNHA covers
Went through the Power Point Presentation
6:45 Successes (S), Challenges (C) & Opportunities (O)
Great Social Events -S
Raised $ through events – S
Improved Structure, Defined Mission & Goals – S
Support of the City and Peggy Lehmann – S
Ltd. Involvement – C
Getting the Word Out – C
Collection of renewal dues – C
Ltd. Funds for mailings, etc. – C
Communication – O
Collecting Contact Info – O
Recruitment of membership – O
Improvement of Website – O
Improvement of Event Signage – O
Local Business Involvement – O
Hosting Events – O
6:55 Zoning in U-Hills
Zoning is a guideline from the city regarding development. An RNO falls under certain ordinances. Zoning codes were updated in 2010, which was the first time since 1956. The northern edge of U-Hills still often falls under the old codes. Blueprint Denver identified areas with stability and areas of change. U-Hills is a high density area of population.
Zoning changes…
Cottage Foods Act – If you grow in your garden, you can sell your produce to the public.
The Realtor Bldg on Iliff was an old PUD Zone…it will become a large child care center. First hearing with City Council May 26th.
7:05 City Council Office – Diane Young
Peggy’s Pages emailed monthly
Diane offered to run off some fliers, help getting the word out re UHNA via Peggy’s Pages, and will help get a resident list to us.
7:15 Neighborhood Plan
Kathy discussed the benefits of having a neighborhood plan
It establishes a long-range vision and guiding principles for a neighborhood
Denver’s Department of Community Planning and Development makes the plan
It is a multi-stage process including a kick-off meeting with residents to identify the needs and concerns, forming committees of stakeholders, and existing conditions analysis (demographics, traffic patterns, crime rates, redevelopment, etc.)
Could UHNA benefit from a Neighborhood Plan?
There is a possibility of being included in 2015, if the city’s budget permits.
7:30 Social Events – Laura
Upcoming Dinner nights
Holiday Event @ Wellshire
Summer BBQ Picnic on August 9th @ Eisenhower Park
Suggestions from open forum:
What has UHNA earned from the dinner night outs? Give information to help encourage residents to participate. Beau Jo’s night was about $125. Don’t yet have the information from the recent Garbanzo’s night.
Yard signs
BBQ info in July & August Peggy’s Pages
Increase Social Media presence on Facebook, etc.
7:40 Call to Action – Volunteers are Needed!!
Communications Board Member
Community Interest Board Member
Communication Committee
Technology Volunteer (Website, FB, Twitter)
Membership/Outreach Committee
Special Talents (Graphic Design, Photography, Printing, etc.)
7:45 – Open Forum
There are Bylaws which will be posted on the website once it is up and running.

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