September 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

9/18/2014 Board Meeting
 Jessica Whitney, Stephanie McVicker (note taker), Kathy Corbett, Lynn Mlack, Amanda Ayres, Gretchen Bartk, Andy Farr, Laura Greenstreet
Upcoming Events:
UHIlls Dinner Night – Sept 9th @ Slotted Spoon
Next Board Meeting – Oct 9th
Bi-Annual Neighborhood Meeting – Nov 6th @ Bradley Elementary
Santa at the Wellshire – Dec 13th
Annual Picnic Summary – Laura Greenstreet
 Got great feedback from neighbors
 Last year 40-50 people attended, this year over 300!
 A big thank you to Gretchen for the horses, Lynn for Beau Jo’s support and Andy for hot dogs
 Feedback from business
o We need a megaphone or microphone system (for raffle, directing people)
o Next year picnic needs to be in the shade. Options: around the playground, rent the big trees down around the corner, between the tennis court and CO Blvd – concerns that that might be too far for electricity
o Too many cooks in kitchen – Business were getting alternate information (need to create a plan/map and stick to it)
o Need Generators (band needs to be close to people), don’t want to depend on Rec center for electricity
 Maybe place Band near the building?
o Don’t provide tents and tables to vendors, became mass chaos trying to find out who donated tables/tents and get them back
 If in shade, probably won’t need tents
o Put tape and number on grass for businesses
 Still want to keep Children’s area separate
 We had reserved picnic table and another family came early and took over
 Kathy – the picnic has always been at the shelter and that’s why people stayed there
 Next year SubCommittee will go out, review park and pick spot
 Time was good 3-6. Board and Committee need to be there 2hrs prior for setup
 Need to send Thank You notes to all businesses
o Gretchen volunteers to do Thank You notes, Jessica would like UHNA logo on card
 While the special events committee is awesome, Laura feels that they’re doing too much, we need to spread the work. They are feeling overwhelmed
 In the past picnic was a potluck, Laura and others doesn’t think we should go to direction, unsanitary, fears of pot brownies
o Block party would be better for potluck
 Can’t call picnic a Festival because it changes the permits
 Very happy that even though there was free food, people also purchased food
 Discussions about next year’s date, maybe end of July or first week of August
 No popcorn machine because it pulled too much electricity
 Lynn, what about food trucks? Laura, some come for free and some charge, would need to have picnic on a corner
 Fire truck was too far away
 Next year’s Picnic announcement put date first, large and then details, bold colors
Board – Jessica Whitney
 Jessica- Is everyone staying on the board or changing?
o Andy – does anyone else want to be VP? (Joking)
 Kathy -requests clarification on length of board terms, wants to stay until City Council election
o Would like to hold a forum for Council candidates, so neighborhood knows who is representing us and that Council is aware of UHILLS issues
 Want to create a better definition of Board positions
o Jessica and Andy will work on role definition, would like to round out the board
o Board positions should do 4-6 hours a month, should go to all meetings
 We can have 9 Board members and we don’t
 Looking for:
o Community interest – reading over zoning and safety and reporting back
 Gretchen interested in Crime/Safety
o Special Projects
o Secretary – knows the bylaws, take notes and keeps people on tracks
o Membership – run membership drive, create welcome wagon, maybe use title company to find new people, in charge of database
 Gretchen – neighbors thought they got an advertisement instead of an informational flyer about UHNA
o Crime/Safety
o New board position of Communication/digital board position with sub-committee team
 Jessica nominates Stephanie as she’s already doing much of it
 On the website could we do a blurb exactly what business get for their $50 business membership fee
o Stephanie would like to simplify language, currently pulled from bylaws, very “leagal-ease”
o Andy original idea was ad/link to site, eventually get their own page
o On the front page have a rotating logo of sponsors
 Want to promote Facebook page more
 Newsletter Content
o Halloween garage party, or a list of where candy will be?
o Jessica will call city regarding Arborist at meeting, possible use as opening content for September newsletter
Topics for Bi Annual November Meeting
 Andy in favor of separating from the North of UHILLS, they have different issues and councilperson
o Kathy, they have a different neighborhood association name, need to clarify name/division, on the website home page, map/description to be very specific
 Laura – was asked at Picnic, what are we doing about the recent crime?
 Kathy – Japanese beetles are any issue and garden info (squirrels/rabbit)
o Andy possible to get a city arborist to present or talk about rodent problem?
 Lynn and Laura, would like to make a multiple night event at Beau Jo’s do at Wednesday Dinner night for socializing with neighbors and then people can still come Thursday & Friday, and have a portion of proceeds donated
 Have a flyer on website neighbors can print and bring in Example: “Raise money for the Halloween party”, have a volunteer with info manning a table or a check in if not a social event

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