October 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

UHNA Board Meeting Minutes on October 9, 2014

6:35 Called to order

In attendance: Joann, Jessica, Stephanie, Lisa, Amanda Ayers (Community Interest), Laurie (Special Projects).

Nov. 6th Big Neighborhood Meeting @ BIS @ 6:30

Needs mic, projector, etc.

Kitchen Staff @ Bradley will bake cookies for the meeting

Jessica will purchase cookie dough & water for the meeting

Jessica will save a clean version of the By-laws that can be done in PDF. Turn off

Review of Board Roles, expectations, job duties:

President – minor grammatical changes

VP – typos

Treasurer – Minor changes. Delete #1, #3. Combining #5 & #6 and on #7 removal of VP & Secretary.

Secretary – Delete #1c & #6. #2 to be moved over to the Communications

Person (Stephanie). #5 Duplicate to the Communications Person (Stephanie). Jessica will send the Agenda to me. I will keep any decisions memorialized in writing.

Thoughts for next year for Halloween…closing off a street with “safe” homes


A couple of neighbors garages

Holiday Event on Dec. 13th @ Wellshire TBD

Dinner Night @ Beau Jo’s Wednesday, Nov. 12th 5-8 PM, and Thurs. & Friday would be the fundraiser. Proceeds from the entire day coming back or just from the dinner

Joann- Financials Report

New Members 51 households – 18 new from flier & 29 from picnic

Calling families in data base to increase membership – Andy, Laura, Jessica,

Lisa approx 10 people each

Ask neighborhood meeting attendees what they’d like to have presented at the next meeting in April/May. What are some events that you’d like to see going on in the neighborhood? Adult activities? Fill out the sheet….what do you want to see? Willing

Goals for 2015 –

Federal Non-Profit Status

More Volunteers

Increased Membership

Adult Activities – Trivia, Revolving Dinner Parties, Board Game Nights,

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