November 2014 Neighborhood Meeting


Bi-Annual Neighborhood Meeting Agenda

6:30 Call to Order & Welcome – Jessica introductions of board.

6:40 State of the Association & Budget – Voted In

 Communications Board – Stephanie McVickers

 Safety Liaison – Gretchen Bartek

 Community Interest – Amanda Ayers

Approx. 1500 homes in the UHNA boundaries Yale to Hampden and CO Blvd. to I-25. (I too thought it was higher)


$1883.29 November 2013

$ 2663.53 November 2014

Goal was for 100 members, but have reached 76 members total

Most of the budget was spent on events, which was intentional. Some funds were spent on admin.

Jessica made a motion to make a move to become a 501 (c)

(3). Laura seconded the motion and it was passed. One time fee of $400. Taxes must be filed annually.

Jessica made a motion to approve the budget. David Mindock 2nd the motion. The motion to approve the budget was passed.

6:55 – Guest Speakers: Denver Clerk & Recorder Update & County Councilwoman

Peggy Lehmann has gotten a new Motor Vehicle Office approved for the SE region which will open July 2015. It will not service licenses, but it will service tags and renewals.

Info on MyDenverCard info was shared.

YMCA under construction for renovations. 15K sq. ft. to be completed by summer 2015. The park on CO Blvd. & Hampden (1st Universalist Church) would like to tie into the park. If there are things the neighborhood would like to see contact Peggy or the church. 720-337-4444

Hasn’t heard anything about Safeway @ Happy Canyon about what is happening.

Deb Johnson put out a sheet of the election results. Nothing was close enough to go into recount. Paul Rosenthal was re-elected. The municipal election is coming in May. Peggy’s term is up for District 4 council representation. The whole council is up for election. Charlie Brown too is term limited.

Deb’s office also does foreclosures. Foreclosures for the 80222 zip code has been very stable…only 101 foreclosures year to date. 2007 was the high for foreclosures. 65% drop in foreclosures since then. From 2013 -2014 a drop of 67% in foreclosures.

The C&R Office is very transparent. There is an auction every Tuesday (?) AM and it is open to the public. Over 50% of voters actually turned out in Denver, and about 47% state wide.

7:05 – Upcoming UHNA

Call to Action – New website –

Challenges –

 Warren is North of Yale to Evans – this is a sub-neighborhood within UHNA

 Tightening up our boundaries – UHNA and Warren are in two different City Council members areas.

There is not a great deal of participation from the Warren area residents.

 Need more help and volunteers for all aspects of the group, including Block Captains, Committee Heads, Officers, etc.

 Difficulty collecting renewal dues for membership

 Improved communication – not enough funds available for mailings, having to rely on NextDoor,

Peggy’s Pages or Facebook to communicate w/members

 Need more yard signs – Lack of funds to purchase more signage to relay info and encourage


 Recruitment for membership

 Local businesses and sponsorship

 Diversified events for different audiences

Upcoming Events

 Sat., Dec. 13th @ Wellshire for Santa & Mrs.

 Jan. 10th – UHNA Volunteer Planning Meeting

7:10 – Open Forum – for additional Corporate Membership. He is estimating 300+ people attend the next UHNA picnic.

Andy gave the recent history of UHNA. His goal is We have 76 members and our goal is to be over 150.

Individual membership is $20 and Corporate membership is $50 and we would like more. Beau Jo’s and Michael Knorr are the 2 Corporate members. Sponsors will also be listed on the UHNA website and connect the community with the businesses.

Timbuk Toys, Dairy Queen, Chase Bank, Pet Station, Cody Dental, UHILLS Lutheran, Beau Jo’s, Jon Wachter, and many more.

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