April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

UHNA Board Meeting

April 13, 2015

Jessica, Amanda, Lisa, Kathy, Andy and Stephanie were present.

Picnic Update –Andy met w/Laura to share contact info and how to move forward w/the picnic. Amanda and Andy w/have a meeting Saturday @ Starbucks to delegate jobs and discuss lessons learn. Amanda sent Bobby Macias and gave him the preferential dates. The first 2 weekends in March tie in to Denver Days. August 8th is our 1st choice for the picnic. As of now, she hasn’t heard back from him.

Electricity will be needed for bands. No other electrical items (popcorn).

Andy has 2 generators that he will bring.

  • Grill by the shelter and we will have hotdogs.
  • Costco – Budget item to be discussed
  • Bring your own picnic other than dogs.
  • Eldorado Water donations
  • Possibility of Food Trucks being available

* Kathy will work on lining up music and will check into getting the Denver Municipal Jazz Band with the bandstand. Kathy and Amanda will meet to discuss music.

  • Kathy will check into Bonnie’s Pet Band
  • Discuss “Fee” for vendors
  • Jessica has leftover toys from last year that should be used this year.

Website –

  • Andy and Stephanie will get together.
  • Notices on NextDoor shouldn’t have all the info. Post a link to UHNA for more info.

North Side –Cut us out and we should make an announcement on our website. Andy w/contact Patty to see how to handle the change. Andy will let us know the outcome.

Stephanie –Only Joanne, Jessica and Stephanie have access to the infoUNHA@gmail.com account Lots of incoming mail…press releases, issues around/about Denver. Kathy will help sort through emails and see what to do with  them or forward them to the appropriate person. Public hearing and city works info should be put out to the general population via the email.

Thurs., May 14th@ 6:30 – 8:00 Neighborhood Meeting Agenda – w/Slide Show

  • Call to Order
  • Upcoming Events
  • State of the Association
  • Invite New Council Rep
  • DPD Safety Liason
  • Acknowledge Peggy Lehmann for her service and support (Call & invite her)
  • Bradley Garden Update – Lynn
  • Membership Table
  • Arborist
  • Elections
    • President – Andy
    • VP –
    • Secretary – New or Lisa w/continue
    • Communication – Stephanie
    • At Large – Kathy
    • Community Liason – Gretchen
    • Social – Amanda

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