May 2015 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

UHNA Annual Meeting

May 14, 2015

6:35 – Jessica – Welcome, Call to Order and IntrCooduction of Current Board

6:46 – State of the Association & Budget

  • Summer Picnic – 300 People attended, 15 Businesses were involved
  • Santa & Mrs. Claus – 100+ people attended
  • Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt – 85+ people
  • City Council Election Forum w/League of Women Voters
  • New Board Members including: Communication Chair, Community Interest Chair, and Safety Liaison

6:56 – LisaGarden Overview

7:00 – Andy

    • Sonja and the Farmers Market will be represented at the Annual UHNA Picnic on August 8th will be there as well.
    • Park Bench Dedication
    • UHNA and UHNC (UHills North Community) Boundaries
    • UHNA is from Yale South to Hampden and Colo. Blvd. to I-25
    • Warren Community recently changed their name to UHNC
    • Giving autonomy to UHNC which has more businesses than we have
    • Andy read the resolution to break the two organizations into individual associations by the above named boundaries
    • UHNA will request the City to recognize UHNC as their own association (see resolution attached) and this will help them for zoning items, etc.
    • UHNC will have approximately 450 residences & 400 businesses
    • UHNA will have approximately 1800 residences and 100 businesses

7:13 – Amanda:

Upcoming UHNA Annual Picnic

  • Music
  • Kids Area including carnival games
  • During Denver Days – Permit Fees are waived
  • Vendors
  • Food
  • Bradley Farmers Market

UHNA Dinner Nights Out – Fundraiser

A portion of the proceeds come back to the UHNA

  • Larkburger
  • Beau Jo’s
  • Suggestions and ideas
  • Haunted Houses for Trick or Treating

Motion made and passed to spend the $550 for the Picnic

7:19 – Officer Bogert, District 3 Liason (Tips and Prevention & UHills Crime Prevention)

  • DPD doesn’t see what actual individuals post
  • DPD can post about happenings in the neighborhood
  • Get in touch and KNOW your neighbors
  • More burglaries in UHNC especially around business
  • City wide increase in garage burglaries
    • Particularly bike thefts
    • Look for a timed device on line that automatically closes the garage door after a period of time.
    • Google – Auto Garage Door Closer, or Garage Door Butler, Garage Guardian.
  • Theft from motor vehicles – smash windows and grab items. Use common sense and don’t leave items in the car. Hide in trunk or better yet, take in the house.
  • Crime rates haven’t really increased, but with technology we are all more aware of what is happening in the area.
  • Be sure to report anything sketchy! DPD will send someone out.
  • If in doubt whether to call or not, DO!!
  • Response times vary on severity of crime…shootings, stabbings first, people on a construction site after hours – mid-importance, burglary after the fact is on a lower level.
  • Nuisances, pot-holes, etc. can go to 311 or
  • Detailed crime statistics can be found at: website, crime stats, mapping
  • Heroin usage is on the rise in CO

7:35 – Peggy Lehmann and Kendra Black Introduction

  • Beginning May 5th  Councilwoman
  • She grew up in Eisenhower Park Area
  • Will be sworn in June 20th Kendra Black will take over as District 4 City

7:40 Board Member Elections – (By-Laws are on the website)

  • A Commitment of 4-6 hours per month. Some months more, some less
  • Committee work is typically less

Elections for Open Positions – Nominations

  • President – Andy Farr
  • VP – Mike Silverstein
  • Treasurer – Laura Mersmann
  • Social Chair – Amanda Ayres

Open Positions

  • Community Interests – Katie Hastie (elected)
    • Block Captains
    • Special Community Projects
    • Membership Recruitment

7:52 Andy – Call to Action

  • Membership increase
  • Website Development and Information
  • UHNA focuses on quality of life
  • Business Sponsors
  • We now have 9 corporate sponsors
  • Beau Jo’s is giving UHNA $250 in sponsorship for the picnic
  • Andy would like to see a Cross Walk on the West side of I-25
  • Andy is now a “Denver Days Ambassador”
    • Will contact Traffic Dept. to discuss
    • Andy would like to have a whole week of block parties during Denver Days
    • The city will block off a street at no cost during this time
    • Would like to have Annual UHNA Picnic during Denver Days from this year forward. It helps us financially and a great way to meet people in the neighborhood.

8:02 Andy Adjourned the Meeting




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