Suspicious Solicitors

No-SolicitorsAs your Uhills Safety Chair, I attend the once a month meetings held by the Denver District 3 Police Department.  At a recent meeting they addressed a particular issue that I know we have been affected by here in Uhills.  There have been multiple reports of strange solicitors coming late night to people’s doors.  These solicitors claim to want to provide samples of Glade air fresheners.  We have all struggled whether this warrants a call in to the police department.  Please note that according to Commander Montoya, it absolutely does.  There has been a rash of breakdowns done by a ring that includes about 30 people, that they know of.  It started in the Hilltop area and has moved its way down to the Southmoor and Uhills area.  They are casing houses by knocking on the door to see if you are in fact home.  Here are some tips/info to help keep our neighborhood safe:

1. Solicitors are not allowed after sunset!

2. Any solicitor must be licensed and have the proper identification with them.

3. Also check out this link for some great free tips on how to avoid being a victim –

If you do receive a knock on your door, let them know you are in fact home.  You shouldn’t open the door if you don’t feel safe but you can yell through the door to go away or that you are calling the police.  Flick the porchlight, something to let them know you are there. This is particularly important as some of these break ins can happen immediately.  If they think you’re not home, some will go around back and try to enter the house.

If you see any suspicious behavior, please don’t hesitate to contact the non-emergency line at 720-913-2000

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