We Hope You’ve Noticed . . .

We hope you’ve noticed . . .

The UHNA has been growing in membership, growing in sponsors, and growing to become real neighborhood resource. In the past few years, the UHNA has added more events than ever before. From hosting the annual picnic to Santa at the Wellshire and Easter Egg Hunts, the UHNA has provided family fun at no cost to our neighbors, and we plan to add even more. This fall, we’ll be hosting an Autumn Hayride and several dinner nights at local eateries.

Beyond family events, the UHNA has been focusing on being a great local resource for information and action. We cosponsored the District 4 City Council debates with the League of Women Voters, and we hosted meet and greets for the candidates in local homes. We’ve invited local non-profits and governmental agencies to the annual picnic to connect our residents with available resources. And we are adding valuable content to this newsletter and our new blog. Our Safety Officer is attending police briefings and conferences will be reporting back to you on trends in crime and ways to keep you safe. Our Outreach Officer is interviewing government and agency officials to get you information you may need, from social welfare to eldercare and anything that affects you or your neighbors. Our Education Officer will be highlighting programs that affect our students. Our Social Officer will be reporting on the UHNA’s social events. Our Neighborhood Interest Officers (that means the rest of us) will be looking for all other sorts of items you might want to know, might not want to know but should, or might have already known but forgot.

We want to get to know you, our neighbors, and know what makes University Hills a neighborhood. So please, help us out:

Are you a birdwatcher who can tell us about our local species?

Are you a beekeeper who would like to tell us about your hobby?

Are you an amazing cook who’s willing to share a recipe?

Are you an original University Hills resident who remembers our neighborhood before even the mall was built. Share a memory?

You get the idea. The greatest resource in our neighborhood is our neighbors – and that’s you! Send us hints, suggestions, and ideas. Send us articles you’ve read and want to share. Send us a name of someone we should interview. Or, heck, just send us a great recipe!

We hope you’ve noticed . . . your new UHNA!

– Andy Farr is a retired air traffic controller, an frustrated gardener, and President of the UHNA!

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