2015 Annual Summer Picnic

2015-UHNA-Picnic (1)Well, after months of planning, it is hard to believe our Annual Picnic is now two weeks behind us. Oh, but what a way to wrap up the summer! I could not be more pleased with this year’s event. Participation both behind the scenes and in neighborhood turnout was outstanding. The music, games & activities, the food, the prizes -it was all quite an experience! And lest it sound as if I’m tooting my own horn, let me make clear that I can truly take only the smallest share of credit for this success.

2015-UHNA-picnic-Beau-JosFirst, our blossoming association has amazing board members, all of whom expended considerable energy in planning and organizing the picnic. While I was technically supposed to be heading this project, I have to thank our tenacious president, Andy Farr, for recognizing my panic and taking the lead in keeping us all to task. Secondly, we have some fabulous sponsors, both new and returning, whose generosity allowed us to take the event to a new level this year. Lastly, and just as importantly, we had a phenomenal crew of volunteers step in to ensure that all the pieces came together. And when I say volunteers, I mean the kind of people who don’t even live in the neighborhood, have no incentive to help, and just do things out of the goodness of their hearts. One such individual I’d like to recognize is Lynn Mlack from Beau Jo’s Pizza. Her contributions to this endeavor were immeasurable. The full list of people and businesses who made it all possible is simply too long to include here but to everyone involved, THANK YOU!

And finally to our neighbors who attended, I’m so glad you stopped by and genuinely hope you enjoyed yourself. The UHNA values our community and it is our goal that you will find events such as this valuable enough to support the association in return through your membership.

See you out and about!

Amanda Ayres
UHNA Social Chair

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