Trouble on the Canal

Recently, a neighbor informed us that he had found some camping gear stashed in the bushes against his fence, which backs to the canal.  It looked like it belonged to a number of transients.  He was, obviously, concerned.  I was too! I live right across the street.  We sent the info to our local Community Resource Officer.  Officer Borquez was wonderful and immediately got some patrols going on the canal.  He emailed today with an update.  As of last night an individual was jailed who was wanted on two warrants.  Additionally they have cited, detoxed, and/or had parties move along that were found loitering.  One comment, one observation had a big impact on our community.

Everyone has been hearing about all the car break ins in the neighborhood lately.  A number of you were probably affected.  A whole lot of these went unreported.  As a community, it is so important that we are calling in these incidents.  If the police don’t know it’s happening, they won’t increase patrols over here.  As evidenced above, a small gesture can have a big impact.   As an additional reminder, the police department can not see anything you post on Nextdoor.  They only have posting privileges, as a matter of privacy to us.

If you see something that seems off or concerning, reach out to the police via the non emergency line at 720-913-2000 or shoot me an email at

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