October 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: October 8, 2015

In attendance: Andy, Lisa, Kathy, Lynn, Laura, Stephanie, Gretchen, Mike, Laura, David, Katie, Amanda

Andy thought Poppy’s was going to be on board soon to become a UHNA sponsor.

Stephanie is getting caught up. She will also start working on a new business banner design.

David can work the November 7th CPR/1st Aid class. Andy would like to promote the CPR/1 aid classes to various businesses.


Andy attended the Kendra Black Town Hall Meeting. He met w/the new District 3 commander (Megan Dodge). Gretchen is building a relationship w/the CRO (Community Resource Officer) and an arrest was recently made. There is a group of about 40 people that started targeting Lowry homes and is moving southward. It is a 3 man shift….one ringsthe bell, one goesinto the back and one watches out. They are called “African Crew” because they come from Ethiopia or Somalia within 1 generation. Suggested that we post it on the website and if people or homes are approached, to please call 911 right away. This is not meant to scare people.

Andy is leaving for WI and will return on the 25 . Mike will be in charge in the meantime.

There are 3 planning academies. Mike can attend the 2nd one. There is a special session on Grant Writing and we need someone that can do that.


Laura is working on getting a hold of Grace Methodist regarding pumpkins.

Andy asked Dave to write up some statistics to submit on the Water. David will ask Lori @Kendra’s office for the PDF in order to put it on our website.

Laura wrote a grant for an “Arts in Public Spaces” Project in 24 hours. We asked for $1500 with a match (possibly Chez Artist) for movies in the park or something like that.

There is a new mom’s group on NextDoor and Laura wants to post their info on our website calendar and spread the word in our newsletter.

Lee Clark is offering FREE CPR classes and Laura thought it would benefit the neighborhood. The idea was to make it a “Member Only” but we haven’t had much interest. So we’ve posted on NextDoor and have sparked some interest…about 9 people so far. One session isscheduled for Oct. 17 and Nov. 7. Laura would like someone from UHNA to be there to welcome people. Andy would like to use $75 toward snack and a gift card for Lee.

DPL has contacted us about using their rooms if we need to for classes or whatever we might

Gretchen is attending something w/District 1 PD about how to ID child welfare and safety.

Gretchen will host for Halloween movie TBD & weather dependent, on Friday, October 23 @ 6:30 ish.

Kathy – Talked to Kara Hahn who isthe Senior Preservation Planner with the City. She will come and talk to us about how it can benefit us. UHillsisthe only one that has a historic landmark in SE Denver.

Andy would like to have the picture of the new Koelbel development on the website. It might be 4 or 5 stories high and approximately 66 units. Kathy found the meeting confusing and has not written anything up at this point. She had an opportunity to talk to Caryn Champine at the City planning office and expressed concern about the sidewalks on Yale. There was some talk about perhaps widening the sidewalks. UHNA spoke to the City about getting an island forsafe crossing on Yale on Oct. 25 th. Andy suggested getting Koelbel behind the push as well. Andy will follow up w/Kendra. UHNA got a thing from “Walk Denver” about street widening by levying taxes for 6’ wide sidewalks.

Andy spoke w/one of the candidates for Denver DA and we talked about having them come to our meeting, and would like Kathy to see if both are able and interested in attending one of our meetings to ask questions regarding UHILLS. Kathy would like to invite both to have literature and information available for attendees to pick up. Perhaps they could come and speak at our April meeting, closer to the election.

Andy was informed that UHNA never filed 2012 taxes. He met w/an agent at the IRS in Cheyenne. Our 501(c)3 status, because we don’t have 3 consecutive years of filing. When we file our 2015, then we will be able to apply for the 501(c)3. We will refile for the status in April.

The grant for the Clean Up the Trail…Andy asked for materials and advisors for noxious weeds, coyote habitat disruption, etc. If we are accepted, it will open other doors with the City and other organizations. Andy spoke w/people at Ace and they too will help us. The police will do a sweep of the Canal and do a check and get a group of people to help clean up. Long Term Goal to get the Forest Street bridge rebuilt w/ADA compliance. The grant has to be in by Oct. 19 Andy will send copies to all. Another long term goal is getting a paved trail.

UHills Modern Dentistry is providing cider for the Hay Ride night, October 25 figuring out how to have and keep the cider hot. The Beau Jo’struck will also attend. We will do it on the corner of Highline and Dartmouth. Stephanie willsend a mailer to all our members and we will have a membership drive table set up that night as well. There will also be a Tip Jarset up. Katie will help too to manage the horses and keep people safe.

Katie – Can attend the Emergency Response Training.

Lisa – Santa date is Saturday, December 12, 8:30 – 11. Andy will contact the FD regarding transporting Santa.

Andy and Lynn will set up a membership table for the Thanksgiving Lunch @ Bradley on Thursday, November 12th 10:15 – 1:30. Stephanie suggested a flier w/Santa event and we will   have the card reader as well.


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