November 2015 Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Bi Annual Meeting for University Hills Neighborhood Association

November 12, 2015 – Bradley Elementary School

Flyers available for BeauJo’s dinner fundraiser Wed. 11/18. Any money you spend at BeauJo’s Wed – Fri (11/18 – 11/20) – 20% of profits go to UHNA.

Call to Order


Review of 2015

Budget Approval

Plans for 2016

Officer Michael Borquez – UHNA Community Resource Officer (CRO) ­ Denver Police District 3, Eastern Zone liaison ­ 6 years experience with undercover narcotics ­ Several years with SCAT team ­ ­ Desk phone number: 720-913-1183

­ Crime statistics available on

­ Levels are about the same as they were a year ago

­ Awareness seems to be higher, which couldconnote a perception of  higher crime, but things are pretty much the same as 2014. Suspicious activity and/or persons in the neighborhood who do not belong: call 911 and report it immediately. Especially now because of the “African Crew”

Kara Hahn – Senior Planner – Landmark Preservation

­ Talks about landmarking the Wellshire Inn.

­ Owned by city and county of Denver ­ Designation requires importance for (2 out of 3) history, architecture, or geography.  Wants feedback from UHNA about other possible designation desires.

Someone asked about Highline Canal as a protected or designated place. It is designated at the Nat’l level, but that doesn’t merit protecting the canal, because it is really just an honorary designation

Home improvement work done on a home in a landmarked district, or the building landmarked itself – 20% of money spent on improvement work can be claimed as an income tax credit in the State.

2015 Recap

  • ­ Santa at the Wellshire. Lots of kids and will continue.
  • Easter Egg Hunt at Eisenhower Park
  • Denver Days Block Parties (4 events)
  • Driveway Drive-ins. (Approximately 100 people)
  • Annual Summer Picnic (600 to 700 people attended)
  • Hay Ride (horses are getting better)

Beyond Just Social

  • ­ Talking with neighbors in person, and checking in about observations. Get people engaged.
  • Co-sponsored the City Council Debate
  • CPR and First Aid Courses – free of charge with retired nurse
  • Useful content on UHNA web site
  • Adding new business sponsors
  • Added significant income

UHNA Budget

  • ­ Added approximately $1100 in revenue
  • 59 paid members
  • If you don’t want to pay online, you can send a check to the UHNA PO Box

­ Current fund status

  • May 2015 – November 2015
  • Balance $3757.08
  • New members contributed $1160
  • New business sponsors contributed $650
  • Website hosting: -$18
  • Communications: -$26
  • Administration:
  • PO Box ($44 / year)
  • Supplies ($171.15)
  • Events: -$1086.38

­ Proposed 2016 Budget

  • Resident members (100): $2000
  • Business sponsorts (15): $750
  • Fundraising: $350
  • Donations: $200

­ Deferred $400 to become a 501c Non-Profit for this coming year because we have to have 3 successive years of filing taxes, and we missed 2012.

­ By verbal ayes/nays – the proposed budget is “Approved” – Yaay!

The Upcoming Year (2016)

  • ­ Repeat all events from 2015
  • More driveway drive-ins for Denver Days
  • Land One Non-UHNA Event in Eisenhower Park
  • Wine Tasting (at Poppies)
  • CPR Clinics for Sponsors
  • Increase Membership/Sponsorship

New Items

  • ­ Need more adult events
  • Need more senior events and information
  • Increase block parties

Grant Proposals

  • ­ Highline Canal Clean-Up / Sustainability (Denied)
  • Movie in the Park (C&C of Denver) will hear back on Nov. 15

Clean Up the Highline Canal Trail

  • ­ Sponsors include ACE Hardware and local restaurants
  • Working with Highline Canal Preservation
  • Spearheaded by Steph McVicker
  • April and/or September

Wine Tasting in March or April

Santa at the Wellshire (Saturday, 12/12 8:30am – 11:00am)

Zoning and Neighborhood Items

­ Crosswalk or Pedestrian Island on Yale

­ Slow Traffic along Dartmouth/Highline

­ Drive-through Restaurants in University Hills Shopping Center

  • Councilwoman Kendra Black has put it on the agenda with Denver
  • Chick-Fil-A likely to come into neighborhood where BeauJo’s is

New Business

­ One proposal for dues. $20 for Calendar Year with Grace period after fall events for next year. Passed.

­ Sponsor dues $50 for 12 months

UHNA Board Positions – Elections

­ 2016 President: Andy Farr

­ 2016 Vice President: Mike Silverstein

­ 2016 Treasurer: Laura Mersman

­ 2016 Secretary: Lisa Zinn

­ 2016 Communications: Steph McVicker

­ 2016 Social Chair: Amanda Ayers

­ 2016 Safety Chair: Katie Hastie

­ 2016 Community Outreach Chair: David Mindock

­ 2016 At-Large Board Member: Kathleen Corbett

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