In case you missed our November Meeting . . .

Bi Annual Meeting for University Hills Neighborhood Association

November 12, 2015 – Bradley Elementary School

Flyers available for BeauJo’s dinner fundraiser Wed. 11/18. Any money you spend at BeauJo’s Wed – Fri (11/18 – 11/20) – 20% of profits go to UHNA.

Call to Order


Review of 2015

Budget Approval

Plans for 2016

Officer Michael Borquez – UHNA Community Resource Officer (CRO)

  • Denver Police District 3, Eastern Zone liaison
  • 6 years experience with undercover narcotics
  • Several years with SCAT team
  • Desk phone number: 720-913-1183
  • Crime statistics available on
  • Levels are about the same as they were a year ago
  • Awareness seems to be higher, which could connote a perception of higher crime, but things are pretty much the same as 2014
  • Suspicious activity and/or persons in the neighborhood who do not belong: call 911 and report it immediately. Especially now because of the “African Crew”

Kara Hahn – Senior Planner – Landmark Preservation

  • Talks about landmarking the Wellshire Inn.
  • Owned by city and county of Denver
  • Designation requires importance for (2 out of 3) history, architecture, or geography
  • Wants feedback from UHNA about other possible designation desires.
  • Someone asked about Highline Canal as a protected or designated place. It is designated at the Nat’l level, but that doesn’t merit protecting the canal, because it is really just an honorary designation
  • Home improvement work done on a home in a landmarked district, or the building landmarked itself – 20% of money spent on improvement work can be claimed as an income tax credit in the State.

2015 Recap

  • Santa at the Wellshire. Lots of kids and will continue.
  • Easter Egg Hunt at Eisenhower Park
  • Denver Days Block Parties (4 events)
  • Driveway Drive-ins. (Approximately 100 people)
  • Annual Summer Picnic (600 to 700 people attended)
  • Hay Ride (horses are getting better)

Beyond Just Social

  • Talking with neighbors in person, and checking in about observations. Get people engaged.
  • Co-sponsored the City Council Debate
  • CPR and First Aid Courses – free of charge with retired nurse
  • Useful content on UHNA web site
  • Adding new business sponsors
  • Added significant income

UHNA Budget

  • Added approximately $1100 in revenue
  • 59 paid members
  • If you don’t want to pay online, you can send a check to the UHNA PO Box
  • Current fund status
    • May 2015 – November 2015
      • Balance $3757.08
      • New members contributed $1160
      • New business sponsors contributed $650
      • Website hosting: -$18
      • Communications: -$26
      • Administration:
        • PO Box ($44 / year)
        • Supplies ($171.15)
      • Events: -$1086.38
    • Proposed 2016 Budget
      • Resident members (100): $2000
      • Business sponsorts (15): $750
      • Fundraising: $350
      • Donations: $200
    • Deferred $400 to become a 501c Non-Profit for this coming year because we have to have 3 successive years of filing taxes, and we missed 2012.
    • By verbal ayes/nays – the proposed budget is “Approved” – Yaay!

The Upcoming Year (2016)

  • Repeat all events from 2015
  • More driveway drive-ins for Denver Days
  • Land One Non-UHNA Event in Eisenhower Park
  • Wine Tasting (at Poppies)
  • CPR Clinics for Sponsors
  • Increase Membership/Sponsorship

New Items

  • Need more adult events
  • Need more senior events and information
  • Increase block parties

Grant Proposals

  • Highline Canal Clean-Up / Sustainability (Denied)
  • Movie in the Park (C&C of Denver) will hear back on Nov. 15

Clean Up the Highline Canal Trail

  • Sponsors include ACE Hardware and local restaurants
  • Working with Highline Canal Preservation
  • Spearheaded by Steph McVicker
  • April and/or September

Wine Tasting in March or April

Santa at the Wellshire (Saturday, 12/12 8:30am – 11:00am)

Zoning and Neighborhood Items

  • Crosswalk or Pedestrian Island on Yale
    • Councilwoman Kendra Black has put it on the agenda with Denver
  • Slow Traffic along Dartmouth/Highline
  • Drive-through Restaurants in University Hills Shopping Center
    • Chick-Fil-A likely to come into neighborhood where BeauJo’s is

New Business

  • One proposal for dues. $20 for Calendar Year with Grace period after fall events for next year. Passed.
  • Sponsor dues $50 for 12 months

UHNA Board Positions – Elections

  • 2016 President: Andy Farr
  • 2016 Vice President: Mike Silverstein
  • 2016 Treasurer: Laura Mersman
  • 2016 Secretary: Lisa Zinn
  • 2016 Communications: Steph McVicker
  • 2016 Social Chair: Amanda Ayers
  • 2016 Safety Chair: Katie Hastie
  • 2016 Community Outreach Chair: David Mindock
  • 2016 At-Large Board Member: Kathleen Corbett

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