February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: February 13, 2016
In attendance: Andy, David, Stephanie, Amanda, Mike, Katie, Lisa

  • Corporate Sponsorship is $50 – Currently have 16 Sponsors
    • New membership is $20 per year
    • If we meet a potential new business, give Andy’s card, and he will follow up.
  • Stephanie will plan to do a comparison on what to switch the website to new

    • New website so it is more user friendly
    • May Anne has been posting on the UHNA Facebook Page
    • Lisa will help adding content to the FB page
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, March 27, 2016 10 – 11AM
    • $150 Budget for candy
    • We are set on eggs
    • Two sections – on the Playground for the little kids and then the grass
      area for the bigger kids
    • Stephanie will check out getting coloring books to use as handouts
    • Ella will help
    • The owner from a new Sunshine Cross‐Fit business over near
      Monaco/Evans (but live in UHNA) will also come to set up a table and
      offer a Spring Tune‐Up for parents. Have water available too, in order
      to get people over there
    • UHILLS Modern Dentistry may also set up a table and give away
    • Andy will contact the UHILLS Library to come and set up a table as
  • Canal Clean‐Up – April 23, 2016 Coincides with Earth Day 9 ‐11 AM
    • $100 approved for water and snacks
    • Start @ Dahlia and go both directions
    • Ace Hardware is going to be a sponsor
    • Andy will check w/Ace re Dog Poop Bag canisters
  • Denver Days – August 13? (date to formally TBD) for the Annual UHNA Picnic
    • Approved to lock up the date once the City releases the date
  • Laura – Non‐Profit Status and needing to get taxes done
  • David – New “Senior Rep” liason
    • To make contact w/the Senior Appt. Complex & see if they want to be
      a sponsor and participate w/Easter Egg Hunt
    • See about having an article from them monthly for the newsletter
  • Mike would like to approach Sprouts and Rite Aid about enclosing the
    garbage dumpsters
  • UHNA.com is averaging about 100 hits per month, possibly higher but the
    settings had to be updated due to bot traffic. traffic dropped off in winter, should
    rise again as more events happen.
    UHNA FB Page is getting about 50 hits per day
  • Katie will contact Megan Dodge from District 3 to get some general info
    regarding stats and Q&A’s. Then info can be posted on the website. What is “general
  • Thank You’s
    • $25 Regal Gift Card to Santa
    • Need to Thank Wellshire for hosting the Christmas Gig & invite them
      to the UHNA Picnic
    • Andy will check into getting or making UHNA Thank You Cards
  • Lisa will contact Bonfils regarding having the Blood Bank Mobile come to UHNA
    and we will promote to residents. Andy will follow up with the DPL to see if they will
    host the mobile, depending on date.

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