2nd Annual Drive-Way Drive-In Nights


University Hills is celebrating Mayor Hancock’s Denver Days by hosting a week of Drive-Way Drive-In Movie nights!

Bring a lawn chair, a blanket and maybe some bug spray and “park” yourself in a neighbor’s drive way at dusk. The UHNA will be providing a movie, popcorn and soda for five consecutive evenings of front yard entertainment!

(Please review the MPAA Rating if you’re bringing your children!)
Monday, Aug. 1st: Inside Out (PG), 3005 S. Clermont, Host: Laura
Tuesday, Aug 2nd: The Muppets (PG), 3185 S. Bellaire, Host: Amanda

Wednesday, Aug 3rd: Lion King (G), 5291 Highline Pl, Host: Gretchen
Thursday, Aug 4th: Raiders of the Lost Ark (PG), 4664 E. Dartmouth, Host: Mike

Friday, Aug 5th: Frozen (PG), 5300 Highline Pl. , Host: Daniella


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