Board Meeting Minutes from January 2017

UHNA January 2017 Board Meeting


In attendance were board members Andy, David M. , Lisa, Michael, Dave Forsberg, Daryll, Amanda, Laura



  • Andy will try working on the UHNA website now that he is a bit familiar w/website building.
    • New members will write up a short bio to be posted on the website
    • Old members information should be updated
    • Calendar of Events should be posted right on the front page
    • Mike and Andy will get together to work on content
  • Facebook – Andy w/give Lisa information and access to the UHNA Acct & she w/maintain and update FB
  • Update the website and the FB account.
    • Andy w/train a couple of people about how to use Word Press.
  • Lisa w/talk w/principal @ Bradley to see about possibility of printing fliers for the neighborhood. Board w/walk neighborhood and introduce themselves to residents.
  • U-Hills is in the top 10 Denver neighborhoods according to 5280 Magazine
  • What is our brand?
    • Corporate Sponsorship
    • UHNA is a 501 (c)4
    • Maintain the Mission Statement
    • Do we want/have a slogan?
      • History w/rejuvenation?
    • Laura thinks we need more smaller events throughout the year
    • Timbuk Toys to hold an event for the neighborhood
      • Fundraiser for UHNA
    • In early March the calendar for Denver Days will be made public
      • Pick our picnic date
    • Get the 4 major event dates listed on the calendar or Upcoming Events on webpage
    • Contact Jon Wachter about sending out postcards to UHILLS residents
    • Dave will contact Kendra’s office about music in the field @ Bradley
    • Mike w/reach out to a computer teacher @ TJ if there is a student that can keep up the website and/or FB
    • After the website is up and running, then invite people in. Coloring/drawing contests, volunteer service, etc. Show off a resident a month!
    • 328 names on the email list
    • <50 families are paid members
    • Bi-Weekly email blast once we get the website updated
    • Image folder on the website…encourage neighbors to send in pics
      • Images of U-HILLS
    • Bank of the West is where our Checking Account is $2338.23 balance
      • Dave and Amanda have authorization on the account
      • How do we track membership?
        • Excel Spreadsheet
      • Currently $20 family
      • Currently $50 Corporate
    • Laura is interested in getting software to monitor membership
      • Amanda proposes $35 – $50 for tracking membership
      • List family and corporate memberships on the website as well
    • Lisa made a motion to increase family memberships to $25
      • Motion passed

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